Lamination Services For Businesses of All Sizes

Lamination is a term for a manufacturing process used to permanently marry two web-based materials together for the purpose of adding characteristics to the final product. The purpose of adding the two materials together can be for adding durability, appearance, thickness, texture, or function. There are many lamination techniques and among the most common in graphics are hot-lamination, cold-lamination, and liquid-lamination.

Laminating a specially sourced clear film is a great way to prolong the life of your printed graphics, because it can protect the print from tears, liquids, debris, UV light, and vandalism. Precise Digital Printing uses lamination processes to apply a variety of clear films, adhesive glues, protective liners, application tapes, premask, and texture to printed or un-printed base materials. In addition, the lamination process can be used to add a variety of lesser-known benefits to printed or un-printed materials.

  • Modify graphic finish to luster, gloss, and matte.
  • Increase thickness or rigidity.
  • Dry-erase functionality.
  • White backing to back up second surface prints without the need to print white.
  • Block-out to prevent light passing through 2-sided graphics.
  • Improve scratch and damage resistance for graphics prone to substantial wear or abrasion.
  • Add Special textures for floor graphics that prevent slipping.
  • Pre-mask die cut decal graphics for easy installation and handling.
  • UV inhibitors to slow down the fading caused by UV light.
  • Protective liners for shipping, manufacturing, handling processes.
  • Special effects such as mirror, hologram, glitter, and so on
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Permanent or Removable adhesives on graphic backsides for mounting / installation

Why Should a Business Hire a Professional for Lamination and Coating Services

For large and small businesses, selecting a professional lamination and coating services provider is essential for a successful production. Professional services allow businesses to guarantee product integrity and longevity and obtain an optimal finished surface.
Professional lamination companies apply highly advanced coatings designed for different applications, allowing them to withstand variable conditions like extreme temperatures or humidity. Additionally, their trained experts understand the purpose of each material being used, the ideal products for the desired effect, and how best to apply those materials safely with cost-optimized strategies that avoid risks or unnecessary project delays.
For these reasons and more, companies are encouraged to invest in expert service providers when considering any type of lamination or coating requirements. With their experienced advice and range of solutions tailored to individual needs, they provide clients with protection not found in any other process or product.

The Benefits of Lamination and Coating Services

For businesses of all sizes, the benefits of professional lamination and coating services in Chicago can be extensive. From preserving sensitive documents to enhancing the durability of various materials, these specialized services offer unparalleled protection and aesthetic appeal.

High-quality lamination shields your prints from dust, dirt, spills, and other common contaminants that could damage or destroy even the most durable materials. In addition, professional laminating treatments provide an added layer of protection against impacts and harmful UV rays from sunlight that can damage certain items on exposed surfaces. Furthermore, this service comes with various customization options to suit any company’s needs. The result is the assurance that all corporate resources stay secure for an extended period thanks to efficient application techniques used by fully trained experts in their field.

Choose Precise Digital Printing For All Your Lamination Needs

All in all, lamination and coating services can be highly beneficial to both large and small businesses. From protecting signage to enhancing brand awareness or increasing visibility, these services provide a suite of benefits that are hard to ignore. If you’re looking for a reliable service provider in the Chicago area, look no further than Precise Digital Printing! We offer quality lamination solutions with competitive rates that will meet any business’s needs and budget – so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help protecting your signs and banners!

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