Product Development

Do you need help with product development? At Precise Digital Printing, we can help you with every phase of the process, from idea to final installation. Whether you have a multi-piece marketing campaign planned or just need help with one product, our team of experts can help you design the perfect thing to promote your business or event.

A core competency is our multi talented Design Specialist’s abilities to create innovative, yet practical Point of Sale solutions from customer or agency furnished information. In addition, our own in-house design team can draw upon significant POS experience and propose unique concepts to address your varied merchandising requirements.

Our design’s focus, first and foremost, is on structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Further, we incorporate your branding, consumer influence cues, execution, speed to market and cost parameters into our design efforts FROM THE ONSET. This proven approach is very effective in keeping your time commitment to a minimum, while allowing us to successfully create your design in an efficient and timely manner.

Why Choose Precise Digital Printing?

Here at Precise Digital Printing we will create your unique point of sale solution to the highest possible quality standards using the latest technologies in the industry. From concept to solution to production you can count on our knowledge and expertise to get the job done. And we’ll do it right, on time and at the most competitive prices.

Precise Digital Printing’s Design team utilizes the latest in both 3d and 2d applications. The software we use includes; 3d StudioMax Design, Inventor Suite, and Adobe Creative Suite. The tools allow us to create high quality presentations of your point of purchase display.

We will be glad to collaborate with all parties involved in your point of purchase project. We are adept at utilizing online conferencing software to help with presentation.
As part of Precise Digital Printing’s point of product development services we offer digital prototyping. Bring us your idea and our talented Design and Engineering team will create a digital prototype specific to your needs. We utilize cutting-edge software technologies from Autodesk to create a digital 3D model of your future store display.

From planning to fulfillment, PDP’s project management is built around customer satisfaction. Whether you need a counter display or retail store fixture, PDP has the experience and expertise to get the job done. Our products are customized and tailored to fit the specific needs of your brand and retail merchandising goals. It is our goal to help you create a distinctive display that stands out in the crowd!

How to Select an Engineering Design Company for Your Product Development Project

When selecting an engineering design company for a product development project, it’s essential to ensure you choose the right partner. When selecting an engineering firm in Chicago, many factors should be considered, including technical expertise and capabilities, customer service, cost-effectiveness, and timeline.

For businesses in Chicago who need assistance with their product development projects, finding the right engineering design company can lead to greater success. When researching potential partners look into what services they offer, such as reverse engineering, CAD/CAM modeling, or prototyping, and how comfortable they will make you feel when discussing your ideas and plans. It’s also critical that prospective companies have experience working on similar projects before so that there is less of a learning curve associated with understanding your goals from a personal level and, more importantly, an engineer’s perspective too! Last but certainly not least, always ask about pricing options upfront – this will give you insight into expected costs for the entire project based on which option best fits your budget needs without letting quality suffer along the way either.

Benefits of Working with a Chicago-Based Company for Product Development

Working with a Chicago-based company for engineering and product development has many advantages. Companies in the city have access to a wide range of resources that can be used to develop products efficiently and cost-effectively. Chicago is home to an abundance of talented engineers who have experience creating innovative products on time and within budget. These experienced professionals provide valuable insights into how best to utilize existing technologies.

Finally, working with a local business often results in closer relationships between both parties, which leads to more effective collaborations over longer periods – something invaluable when developing new technology projects successfully!

Product engineering and development is a complex process that requires specialized expertise. Fortunately, businesses in Chicago can benefit from the professional services Precise Digital Printing offers. With their experience and tools, they are well-equipped to help with all aspects of product development – from concept design to prototyping to production. So if you’re looking for an experienced engineering and product development company in the Chicago area, contact Precise Digital Printing today!

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