Rigid Signs

At Precise Digital Printing, we understand that rigidity is key to success in your personal or business projects. Therefore, we provide you with the flexibility to upload any of your designs, graphics, logos, or photos to be printed onto our rigid signs.



Professional Rigid Signs For Businesses In Chicago

At Precise Digital Printing, we understand that rigidity is key to success in your personal or business projects. Therefore, we provide you with the flexibility to upload any of your designs, graphics, logos, or photos to be printed onto our rigid signs.

We have a variety of rigid sign materials to choose from, including foam boards, PVC and polystyrene boards, cardboards, corrugated plastic boards, aluminum boards, and acrylic boards. These durable signs can be used for advertising, campaigning, wall art, promotions, events, grand openings, real estate, and more.

There is no limit to what you can do with our tough, rigid signs; with proper care and storage, they will continue to perform for a long time. We offer full-color printing, single or double-sided, different sizes, and large quantity prints. You can even add hole drilling and mounting accessories as needed.

Rigid Signs

What Are Rigid Signs?

Rigid signs are a great, comprehensive signage solution for all types of small and large businesses. These cost-effective, resilient signs can be used for indoor and outdoor applications such as storefronts, offices, or industrial sites. In addition, these signs use durable materials like coroplast or PVC board, making them tough enough to resist various conditions with different settings.

Due to their convenience and affordability, many business owners turn to rigid signs when choosing a signage option. They are easy to install; they simply need fasteners like screws, nails, etc., and installation takes less than an hour in most cases. When installed correctly & maintained properly, these signs can last up to five years without any alteration required in the design or material quality – making them cost-effective & most suitable for long-term signage solutions!


Benefits of Ordering Rigid Signs

Ordering rigid signs has many distinct advantages for both small and large businesses. Rigid signs are incredibly durable and long-lasting; they resist wear and tear, fading, bending, and more—making them a wise investment that can stand the test of time. This type of signage also provides a professional look that helps promote your brand image, attract customers to your business, or market products or services effectively; with various materials available to choose from, such as corrugated plastic board or foam board, companies can find an affordable solution for their needs. Additionally, these types of signage can be used indoors and outdoors with varying levels of weatherproofing—allowing greater flexibility in placement options. Overall, ordering rigid signs provides an excellent return on investment for small-scale operations and larger corporations.


The Advantages of Using Rigid Signs Over Other Types of Signage Options

Rigid signs are an excellent choice for businesses promoting their brand and boosting visibility. Given their durability, these signs can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that your messaging remains consistent and vibrant over time; this makes them a more cost-effective choice than other forms of signage.

Furthermore, they have incredible flexibility when it comes to design options; as opposed to vinyl or cloth banners which may lack the versatility to incorporate intricate graphics, rigid signs open the door to endless design possibilities. This is especially advantageous for small businesses needing more resources or a professional designer budget.

Lastly, rigid signage has been proven to yield greater engagement levels than other promotional material due to its vivid display and interactive capabilities; customers are more likely to recall engaging with rigid signage as opposed to traditional advertising options.

Types and Materials

Different Types and Materials of Rigid Signs Available Today

Rigid signs, also known as rigid substrates, come in various materials and can offer numerous benefits for small and large businesses. From media-rich exterior signage to budget-friendly interior decorations, there are plenty of options for creating attractive signage on-premises or remotely.

For exterior signage that needs to withstand extreme weather conditions or be seen from a distance like highways and storefronts, heavy-duty aluminum-based signs are usually the best choice; these are both sturdy and affordable. Fading is another primary concern when displaying outdoor signs; to address this issue while still being affordable, UV-printed corrugated plastic (sometimes referred to as Coroplast) should be chosen to keep graphics vibrant for more extended periods. Other popular materials used for rigid signage:

  • Coroplast
  • Foamcore
  • Gatorboard
  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic Clear & Frosted
  • Styrene
  • Pvc
  • Dry Erase
  • Wood

Install and Maintain

How to Properly Install and Maintain Your Rigid Sign for Long-Term Use

Rigid signs are a particularly advantageous and cost-effective way for small and large businesses to make their presence known. But, to maximize their functionality, these signs must be properly installed and maintained. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

First, choose the right location for your rigid sign when installing; you want an area with plenty of foot traffic that offers good visibility. Additionally, consider lighting conditions—providing light near the sign can attract more attention while avoiding direct sunlight helps preserve its longevity.

Next up are the individual sign pieces themselves; all screws should be tightened correctly with appropriate tools, and ensure there’s no air interference that could cause rust or corrosion over time. In addition, regular cleaning is essential for optimal performance—simply use mild soap and water along with a soft cloth or sponge. Finally, for added durability against extreme weather elements like wind or rainstorms, consider using a different anchoring system and silicone caulking around any exposed edges or corners of the frame structure.

By following these simple steps, your rigid sign can look great and last longer too! Investing a little extra effort in proper installation and maintenance pays off in the long run; after all, that will turn potential customers into loyal ones!

Ready To Order

Ready To Order Signs From Precise Digital Printing?

Rigid signs are ideal to ensure your business’s visibility in any environment. There are several materials and rigid signage styles, meaning you can find the perfect sign for your needs. To take advantage of these benefits at an affordable price point, order affordable and high-quality rigid signs from Precise Digital Printing today!


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